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      We understand that a lot of people, especially in today's economy, have to choose between losing money due to computer problems, or spending even more money to resolve them. We are, as our name suggests, realistic. Since we are independent of any big corporations, we are able to keep our overhead low and sustain our business without neglecting your interests. If you compare our standard prices to the competition, you will find that they are considerably lower. This is because, like many other small businesses these days, we hope to generate more revenue by our volume of business while at the same time helping as many people as we can to obtain great, affordable PC service, too.



      If you haven't already, you should compare some of our prices to other PC repair companies. A lot of them hire "technicians" with no formal training, degree, or certification whatsoever - they train whoever they think will make a good sales associate. Inexperience can cost you all of your files and an expensive fix that you may not really need. Let us give you ah honest diagnosis of all your PC and network needs, and expert service at an affordable price!


      There are websites that offer PC repair and network setups remotely. In order for this to work, you must enable MicroSoft's Remote Desktop and/or Remote Assistance, which can be complicated, dangerous if not disabled, and very ineffective if your problem needing solved is a hardware issue. These services always require you to do the hardware work and change settings on your computer that can not be done remotely. It can be very frustrating to need your PC fixed today and have wasted time and money on a remote solution that has a minimal chance of success.